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Here you will find forms and documents that are frequently used by faculty and staff.
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Sabbatical Application (FT Instructors) application/msword icon59.5 KB
Salary Reduction Agreement for 403b Tax Sheltered Annuity application/pdf icon33.46 KB
Salary Reduction Agreement for WDC Deferred Compensation Plan application/pdf icon30.7 KB
Salary Reduction Discontinuation - to Cancel Payroll Deductions application/pdf icon28.63 KB
Sample Accomodation Card application/pdf icon51.7 KB
Sample of Learning Outcomes Matrix Provided to Programs application/pdf icon46.95 KB
SAP Employer Work Form application/pdf icon112.04 KB
SAP Medical Documentation application/pdf icon56.12 KB
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal form application/pdf icon252.21 KB
Save for Retirement - 403(b), 457 & WRS Options application/pdf icon221.3 KB
Scholars of Promise Interest Guide application/pdf icon324.36 KB
Scholars of Promise Letter of Interest application/pdf icon942.53 KB
School Districts 40 K-12 application/pdf icon89.49 KB
Section 1 - I-9 Form for International Employees application/pdf icon527.16 KB
Section Change Approval Form application/pdf icon124.94 KB
Security Awareness Training application/pdf icon55.65 KB
Service Work Request
Sexual Misconduct Administrative Policy application/pdf icon297.33 KB
Sexual Misconduct Procedure application/pdf icon597.94 KB
Sick Time Payout & Vested vs Non-Vested Sick Time Off FAQs & Graphs application/pdf icon208.61 KB
Social Security Number Update application/pdf icon134.84 KB
Spend Categories application/pdf icon106.85 KB
Spend Category List Crosswalk application/pdf icon84.94 KB
State Required Selective Service Confirmation Form application/pdf icon119.2 KB
Statement of Work application/pdf icon28.31 KB
Statistical Reporting Form application/pdf icon76.05 KB
Statistical State Definitions application/pdf icon782.46 KB
STEPS org chart application/pdf icon26.52 KB
STEPS timeline application/pdf icon34.02 KB
Stipend Request Form application/msword icon31 KB
Strategic Plan - 3 Year application/pdf icon1.09 MB
Strategic Plan and Board Ends Matrix application/pdf icon21.04 KB
Strategic Plan Results for FY0809 application/pdf icon919.87 KB
Strategic Plan Results for FY0910 application/pdf icon1.67 MB
Student Academic Disclosure Form application/pdf icon185.42 KB
Student Clubs Request for Payment application/msword icon49 KB application/pdf icon188.1 KB
Student Disciplinary Procedure application/pdf icon308.33 KB
Student Employment Application application/pdf icon105.12 KB
Student Intake Process application/pdf icon282.56 KB
Student Life - The Arts Award application/pdf icon118.76 KB
Student Life - The Karen Roberts Life Leadership Award application/pdf icon148.43 KB
Student Life Academic Achievement Award application/pdf icon93.07 KB
Student Life Award Outstanding Student Employee application/pdf icon211.26 KB
Student Life Award Outstanding Student Organization application/pdf icon97.47 KB
Student Life Award Outstanding Student Tutors application/pdf icon164.7 KB
Student Life Exemplar Learner of the Year Award application/pdf icon142.5 KB
Student Life Intercultural Council Student Award application/pdf icon73.24 KB
Student Life Involvement Awards Nomination Form application/pdf icon87.83 KB
Student Life Outstanding Service Award application/pdf icon164.76 KB
Student Life Terry S. Webb Award application/pdf icon189.37 KB