UEH Eligibility Reinstatement - After Academic Improvement

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Madison College's Financial Aid Office has reviewed the information you have submitted to determine your continued eligibility for Federal student aid.  Based on this information you are not eligible for Federal student aid.
1. You may have your eligibility reinstated after meeting the following criteria:
    a. Complete at least 6 credits within one semester without receiving financial aid at Madison College;
    b. Complete all courses (no final grades of W, F, or I);
    c. Achieve a semester GPA of at least 2.0
Once you have completed this process, you must submit the Eligibility Review After Academic Improvement form and call the Financial Aid Office at (608) 246-6170 to set up an appointment to complete the Statement of Educational Purpose. 
2. Or, If you had circumstances beyond your control that caused your eligibility to be revoked, you can submit Eligibility Denied Appeal form along with supporting documentation for review.

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