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Here you will find forms and documents that are frequently used by faculty and staff.
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Federal Health Insurance Marketplace Notice application/pdf icon863.39 KB
FERPA & Red Flags Rule for Students application/pdf icon678.54 KB
FERPA Annual Student Notification application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document icon35.48 KB
FERPA Hold Business Process Document application/pdf icon136.19 KB
FERPA Staff Reminder application/pdf icon155.97 KB
Field Trip Request Form application/pdf icon377.88 KB
Field Trip Waiver and Release Form application/pdf icon169.61 KB
Financial Aid Application Procedures application/pdf icon1.12 MB
Fitness for Duty Form application/pdf icon21.83 KB
Flexible Learning Team List application/pdf icon11.92 KB
FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) Policy application/pdf icon1.06 MB
Focus Planning Preparation Checklist application/pdf icon109.8 KB
Full 2007-2008 Tech Prep Grant documentation application/pdf icon357.94 KB
Full-Time Faculty - Contractual Instructor/Counselor Absence Report application/pdf icon99.92 KB
Full-Time Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement 2017-2018 application/pdf icon356.68 KB
Full-Time Faculty Salary Grid FY18-19 application/pdf icon13.54 KB
GHC Outline of Benefits application/pdf icon606.53 KB
GHC Provider Service Area Map & Major Providers application/pdf icon280.63 KB
GHC Summary of Benefits & Coverage application/pdf icon631.84 KB
GHC-SCW Wellness Reimbursement Program Flyer application/pdf icon114.56 KB
GI Bill FAQ application/pdf icon90.21 KB
Gift Card Authorization Form application/msword icon51.5 KB
Gift Card/Certificate Tracking Log application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet icon15.16 KB
Gifts-In-Kind Form - Foundation application/pdf icon56.42 KB
GPA Calculator application/pdf icon459.21 KB
Grade Update Form application/pdf icon790.23 KB
Grainger Tools For Tomorrow Scholarship Forms application/pdf icon260.73 KB
Graphics Request
Grievance Operational Guidelines and Form application/pdf icon157.16 KB
Guest School Course Request Form application/pdf icon361.6 KB
Guidelines for Bids and Proposals application/pdf icon338 KB
Guidelines for Obtaining Quotes application/pdf icon187.68 KB
Harassment/Discrimination Procedure application/pdf icon758.01 KB
Hardware, Software, and AV Request Form application/pdf icon65.64 KB
Health Plans - Are you transitioning to a new health plan? application/pdf icon145.9 KB
High School Attended Options application/pdf icon862.33 KB
High School Completion Status application/pdf icon42.6 KB
Higher Learning Commission Annual Report, Sept. 07 application/pdf icon23.24 KB
Higher Learning Commission Annual Report, Sept. 08 application/pdf icon24.73 KB
Higher Learning Commission Annual Report, September 2008 application/pdf icon29.24 KB
HIPAA Special Enrollment Notice application/pdf icon66.34 KB
Hours of Work and Overtime Q&A application/pdf icon68.06 KB
HR Accommodation Request Form application/msword icon24 KB
Importance of the First Semester of Community College application/pdf icon682.13 KB
Incident Report Form application/pdf icon214.57 KB
Incomplete Request Form application/pdf icon122.87 KB
Independent Review application/pdf icon96.57 KB
Information to Know If There Is an Incident application/pdf icon24.84 KB
Information-Protection-Standards-V1-2-2015-07-15 application/pdf icon664.93 KB
Instructor Delivery Sheet for Accommodated Testing application/pdf icon41.1 KB