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Here you will find forms and documents that are frequently used by faculty and staff.
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International Employee Hiring Process Flowchart application/pdf icon83.91 KB
International Student - SEH Work Authorization application/pdf icon166.7 KB
International Student Affidavit of Financial Support application/pdf icon72.11 KB
International Student Certificate Application Form application/pdf icon514.95 KB
International Student Changing Visa Status in U.S. application/pdf icon172.69 KB
International Student Communication Permission Form application/pdf icon127.76 KB
International Student Dependent Information and Form application/pdf icon114.25 KB
International Student Local Host Statement of Commitment application/pdf icon148.18 KB
International Student Preparing for your Visa Interview application/pdf icon128.54 KB
International Student Reduced Course Load for Medical application/pdf icon141 KB
International Student Transfer-In Form application/pdf icon262.15 KB
International Student Travel Signature Request application/pdf icon164.4 KB
International Students eShip Global I-20 Mailing application/pdf icon41.73 KB
International Travel Guidelines application/msword icon41 KB
Internship Process Overview for Students application/pdf icon84.3 KB
IRB Exempt Review application/pdf icon83.79 KB
IRB Expedited Review application/pdf icon104.09 KB
IRB Full Review application/pdf icon117.46 KB
IRE Brochure application/pdf icon150.02 KB
IRS Blank W-9 For Vendors application/pdf icon109.59 KB
IRS Data Retrieval Tool Instructions application/pdf icon60.93 KB
IRS Higher Learning Commission Annual Report, September 2007 application/pdf icon37.19 KB
IRS Project Charter application/pdf icon29.26 KB
IRS Tax Filing Status Letter application/pdf icon28.79 KB
IT Summer 2016 Class Offerings application/pdf icon71.82 KB
Job Aid - Administrator Performance Review application/pdf icon272.17 KB
JOB AID - Job Requisitions - Guide for PT Faculty application/pdf icon373.17 KB
Job Fair 2017 Agenda application/pdf icon1.15 MB
Job Fair 2017 List of Employers application/pdf icon333.29 KB
Job Fair Map application/pdf icon815.1 KB
Job Interview Guide application/pdf icon771.71 KB
Job Requisition Justification Form application/msword icon47.5 KB
Layoff Operational Guidelines application/pdf icon86.96 KB
Learning Affinity List application/pdf icon32.42 KB
Learning Affinity List Condensed application/pdf icon11.37 KB
Learning Design Planner application/msword icon216 KB
Learning Outcomes Assessment Information application/pdf icon17.45 KB
Learning Plan Sample application/msword icon42 KB
Limited Enrollment and Waitlisted Programs application/pdf icon234.83 KB
Log DTEC Drop Procedure application/msword icon23.5 KB
Looking Forward 2017 Program application/pdf icon802.31 KB
Looking Forward 2019 application/pdf icon419.89 KB
MAAP application/pdf icon55.09 KB
MAAP 2003 Annual Update application/pdf icon38.5 KB
MAAP 2004 Annual FEEDBACK application/pdf icon18.73 KB
MAAP 2005 Annual FEEDBACK application/pdf icon25.8 KB
MAAP 2005 Annual Update application/pdf icon27.52 KB
MAC Connect to the District Macintosh server application/pdf icon243.27 KB
MAC flush your DNS cache application/pdf icon252.71 KB
MAC Printing over IP application/pdf icon1.93 MB