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Here you will find forms and documents that are frequently used by faculty and staff.
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Nametag Template - Avery 5392 application/msword icon511.5 KB
New Student Account Creation Form application/pdf icon218.1 KB
Newborns' and Mothers' Health Protection Act application/pdf icon66.67 KB
News Release Form application/pdf icon777.93 KB
Next Steps Checklist application/pdf icon142.7 KB
NISOD Nomination Form application/msword icon36.5 KB
Non-Attendance Removal Form application/pdf icon856.32 KB
Non-Program Intake Management Business Process Guide application/pdf icon1.07 MB
Nonattendance and Grade Entry FAQs for Faculty application/pdf icon409.13 KB
Online Career Planning Workshop - Participant Worksheet (static) application/pdf icon178.39 KB
Online Career Planning Workshop Participant Workshop (Dynamic) application/pdf icon439.86 KB
Online Response Matrix application/pdf icon63.6 KB
Packing instructions application/msword icon26 KB
Paid Time Off Donation Eligibility Map, Procedure and Forms application/pdf icon167.95 KB
Paramedic Employment Verification application/pdf icon417.52 KB
Parent Demographic Verification Form application/pdf icon38.78 KB
Parent Marital Status Form application/pdf icon50.5 KB
Part Time Faculty Professional Development Funding application/msword icon54 KB
Part-Time Employee Work Hours Chart with Requirements application/pdf icon85.18 KB
Part-Time Faculty 2018 Spring Comp Summary application/pdf icon72.29 KB
Part-time Faculty Absence Report application/pdf icon13.73 KB
Part-Time Faculty Fall 2018 Comp Summary application/pdf icon74.23 KB
Part-Time Faculty PeopleSoft ID Activation/Deactivation application/pdf icon46.18 KB
Part-Time Faculty Training Guide application/msword icon122 KB
Pay Range Structure - PSRP and Administrative Staff application/pdf icon42.68 KB
Pay Schedule - FY19-20 Biweekly Pay Schedule application/pdf icon63.96 KB
Pay Schedule - FY19-20 Biweekly Time Entry Lockout Schedule application/pdf icon82.28 KB
Pay Schedule - FY19-20 Full-Time Faculty application/pdf icon66.15 KB
Pay Schedule - FY19-20 Semi-Monthly Pay Schedule application/pdf icon81.25 KB
PCI Compliance application/pdf icon9.56 KB
PeopleSoft Access Request - Student Administration application/pdf icon156.76 KB
Performance Appraisal Form - PSRP (Introductory) application/msword icon147.5 KB
Performance Appraisal Form - PSRP (Non-Introductory) application/msword icon143 KB
Performance Appraisal Guidelines - PSRP application/pdf icon98.57 KB
Performance Assessment - Faculty application/msword icon88 KB
Performance Review Guidelines FY18-19 - Admin application/pdf icon165.36 KB
Permission to Publish Form application/pdf icon33.91 KB
Petition Process Flow Chart application/pdf icon235.34 KB
Plan to Assess Student Learning Outcomes application/pdf icon38.83 KB
Policy 5504-A Procedures and Preventative Measures related to COVID-19 application/pdf icon139.13 KB
Policy 5504-B Procedures and Preventative Measures related to COVID-19 application/pdf icon825.56 KB
Position Description Instructions application/pdf icon53.46 KB
Position Requisition Process (former PJF)
Primary Program Form (formerly Multiple Program Form) application/pdf icon74.88 KB
Printers - How to install application/pdf icon188.86 KB
Priority Student Registration Flyer application/pdf icon315.92 KB
Proctor Form application/msword icon53.5 KB
Product Evaluation (Loan) Agreement application/msword icon174.5 KB application/pdf icon545.19 KB
Professional Development Workshops for Students application/pdf icon153.79 KB
Program Admission Appeal Form application/pdf icon438.6 KB