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Instructor Notetaking Request Response

Thank you for taking the time to assist with the note-taking accommodation request. This mandated accommodation is critical for the student's success in your class.

Please only submit this form AFTER you have received a request from a student for a notetaker.

Please discuss with the student how to best fulfill the notetaking accommodation - faculty have two options:

  1. Provide the student with a copy of your own lecture notes
  2. Identify a student in the class to take notes

If you will not be providing your own notes, make an in-class announcement regarding the need for a student notetaker. 

  •  As a thank you for volunteering their time and notes, notetakers will receive $25 per class credit (ex: a 3 credit class = $75) in the form of a bookstore gift card. A notetaker will receive an additional $25 per additional eligible DRS student within the same class.
  • Gift cards will be distributed to the notetaker during the last week of the semester

Please keep the student's name confidential when making the announcement.

If no students express interest and you teach multiple sections of the same class, please make the announcement in your other class(es) until someone is identified to take notes.

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