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Student Co-Curricular Travel Code of Conduct

The following rules and regulations apply to all MATC students participating in Student Advisory Board-funded co-curricular travel which is either:

  • sponsored or co-sponsored by a recognized Madison College student organization
  • in which the name of the institution is used in any conjunction with the event
  • the student is representing the institution

Specific Rules/Regulations

  1. Participants’ behavior during the event, as well as traveling to and from the event, will be such that it reflects positively on the organization, the school, and the individual.
  2. The participants will act in the best interest of the student group/organization they represent as well as the MATC district.
  3. Identification badges will be worn by each participant during official business when appropriate.
  4. Participants will dress appropriately for each situation.
  5. Participants will attend all business meetings, workshops and other scheduled event programs in accordance with the specifications as per each trip. Please be prompt and prepared for all sessions.
  6. Participants will report any accidents, injuries, or illness to the advisor or head delegate immediately.
  7. Alcoholic beverage consumption by those of legal drinking age shall not interfere with any scheduled program nor shall it negatively impact other delegates. Students are responsible to refrain from the unauthorized or illegal use, possession, or distribution of illegal drugs and/or alcohol.
  8. Participants responsible for theft and/or vandalism to properties during the course of the event will be held financially liable and are subject to the Student Code of Conduct of the Madison Area Technical College and possible legal ramifications.
  9. Any long distance telephone calls, charges to the room or other personal expenses will be the responsibility of the individual participant. Participants having expenses covered by the group/organization are to keep all receipts to turn in for the purpose of verification and reimbursement per financial services procedures.
  10.  All students will adhere to and abide by the advisor’s decisions and judgments as the official representative of the Madison Area Technical College. In the advisor’s absence, this authority will be given to the ranking student delegate. If no ranking student delegate is available, a designee will be chosen prior to the event.
  11. Participants will abide by all conference rules; the Madison Area Technical College Code of Conduct; and all local, state, and federal laws. Participants who disregard or violate rules may be subject to disciplinary action as identified by your specific activity area including the possible reimbursement of travel money, the inability to attend future conferences, and may include conduct actions through the office Conflict Management Services and/or the office of the Executive Dean of Student Development and Success.

Participant Agreement

By submitting this webform, I affirm I have read the Code of Conduct and agree to abide by these established rules.